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4.47ct Purplish Purple Spinel Pair, Myanmar

4.47ct Purplish Purple Spinel Pair, Myanmar

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Gemstone report

Do you know that the big red gemstone on UK’s monarch’s crown is actually a spinel of such good quality that it was mistaken as a ruby for many years? Spinel, like this piece from Myanmar, gives off tantalising sparkles and intense colour that elevates the wearer. What makes this even rarer is the fabulous matching in colour, intensity, shape and size. We definitely will not sell this apart!

Weight: 2.26ct, 2.19ct

Shape: Cut-cornered rectangular

Cut: Step

Measurement in mm: 8.55 x 6.53 x 4.72, 8.59 x 6.53 x 4.55

Origin: Myanmar

Treatment: None

Report: NGI for each stone. Other gemstone report available if requested above.

Please reach out if you need more information, or to view the 2 gemstones in-person in Singapore.

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