Peoples. Sanskriti. Folklores. Languages. Empires.
Vast geographical area.


Blessed with years of friendship with artisanal gemstone miners and traders coupled with gemological expertise, Sunda brings together a curation of natural gemstones of top qualities that inspire creativity, gratitude and eternality.

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A unique boutique service to protect yourself. With gemological reporting by internationally recognised laboratories for your precious gemstones and jewellery heirloom, important characteristics and information are identified for auctions, pawnbroker and your loved ones for years to come.

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Our Jewellery

Inspired by the richness of the land, her peoples and histories, our skilled metal artists strive to bring a part of Sunda into every creation and perfect every piece worthy of your collection and identity.

Accentuated with the quality gemstone of your choice, we welcome you to co-create your customised piece for contemporary times together with us.

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