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3.50ct Reddish Orange Spessartite Garnet

3.50ct Reddish Orange Spessartite Garnet

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Gemstone report

Garnets come in a myraid of colours and one of the highly valued ones come in this rich orange colour! Spessartite garnets, with its intense orange colour, has mesmerised many with its high energy. And like most in the Garnet family, it sparkles brightly! The cherry on top is the size at above 3ct, large enough to be noticed.

Weight: 3.50ct

Shape: Oval

Cut: Mixed

Measurement in mm: 9.9 x 8.0 x 5.3

Treatment: None

Report: None. Gemstone report available if requested above.

Please check out the other listing if you are looking to match this for a pair of earrings. Do reach out if you need more information or to view the gemstone in-person in Singapore! Trust us when we say the gemstone beauty cannot be fully captured on photos.

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