Jadeite, 3.24ct, Green, Type A, Burma

Jadeite, 3.24ct, Green, Type A, Burma

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Jadeite was popularised when the royal family of the Chinese Qing Dynasty fell in love with its enchanting vivid green colour, and this sparked off the Jadeite mining craze in Myanmar. After nearly 200 years of mining, this vibrant green and the translucency can hardly be found out of the mines now. Most of the gemstones of this quality are mostly kept previously to be sold at a later date. This is especially so as prices have since fallen with the ongoing anti-corruption stance by the Chinese government. Get yours before it is too late!

Weight: 3.24ct

Shape: Oval

Cut: Cabochon

Measurement in mm: 12.9 x 8.0 x 3.6

Origin: Myanmar

Treatment: None

Report: None. Gemstone report available if requested above.

If you are looking to match for a pair of earrings, please check out the other Jadeite item as well. Do reach out if you need more information or to view the gemstone in-person in Singapore.

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