Create Your Forever

We understand the importance of having unique personalised symbols of love for you and your loved ones. Or collecting jewellery that reflects your individuality and facets of your personal identity and beliefs. We want to help you achieve that.

How do I get started?

1. Get ready your stories and preferences

Our metal artists love to hear your experiences and motivations that led you to create a one-of-a-kind piece with Sunda. While we champion collections rooted in Southeast Asian histories and cultures, our metal artists are more than able to excel in contemporary and fun designs.

We will also need to know some parts of your lifestyle in order to recommend the best combination of precious metals and precious gemstones that best suit you and/or your loved ones.

2. Contact us!

We wouldn't know what you require until we meet. Feel free to reach out using the form below, email us at or DM via Instagram @sundajewellery. Please make sure you include accurate contact information for us to reach you.

Once received, we will reach out as soon as we can to arrange for a session for us to learn more about your needs. We are able to have the discussion either online or in-person.

At this session, we will also take the necessary measurements, e.g. ring size, bracelet size, etc. For clients choosing the online discussion option, we will need you to provide the right sizing based on your past jewellery sizes. Please be advised that this creates room for inaccuracy in sizing.

3. Quote and confirmation

With your requests and details, the team will set out to draft the design and selection of possible gemstones to make it truly unique. These details will be shared with you for your endorsement in order for us to share a preliminary quote of the costs.

This is preliminary because prices of gold and gemstones fluctuates, especially if they are something we do not have in our inventory. Upon accepting the quote, we require at least a 50% deposit. This is so that we have assurance that you are serious about the creation.

We usually try our best to keep costs managable within the quoted price. In the very rare instances where we cannot, usually due to the prices of certain coloured gemstones in the market, we will inform you ahead of time and seek your advice.

Otherwise, you can expect your piece to be ready by the estimated completion date which we will share after we have details of your request.

4. Progress updates

This is the fun part!

We will keep you updated each step of the way with photos and videos as part of your keepsake. It will almost always look far from ideal during this stage, so don't be alarmed!

Nearing the completion date, we will reach out to arrange for you to pick up the finished creation. Please take note that for you to be able to bring home the creation, you will need to complete the payment of the remaining amount.

If you are based outside of Singapore, fret not!. We will arrange for a video conference so that you can see it up close. We will courier the creation once full payment has been confirmed.

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Can I get a refund or exchange after I received the customised jewellery?

As per our exchange and refund policy, we are not able to allow for a refund or exchange on customised products.

Please try your best to communicate your requirements as clearly as possible to our metal artists to help prevent any surprisese that you may have. Our metal artists will also communicate clearly and early if they foresee any challenges.

How long will this usually take?

Typically, we take 3-4 months to complete the creation as they are made 100% by hand. It may take longer if it is very complicated or requires a very specific gemstone that needs time to source.

It may be faster in the unfortunate situation when we have less orders on hand to fulfil, or you really only needed something simple (which we believe you can find it off the shelf from most chain jewellers).

How do you calculate the final cost?

It is a calculation of several factors:
1. Material cost of the precious metal and precious gemstones.

2. Design and workman cost by hours

3. Shipping fees

4. For very rare gemstones, we may include a sourcing fee when significant amount time will be needed to secure the stone.

5. A modest mark up so that we can sustain other parts of operating as a private jeweller bringing value to our respected clients.

What if I changed my mind on the option after I paid the deposit?

We can arrange for another session if you decide to change your original specifications.

We typically try to stay within the original range. But if your new inspirations requires more, we will inform accordingly before starting any work.

Please note that for such instances, it is likely to delay the process by another month at least. We apologise for the inconvenience in advance.