• Maintenance

    Complimentary cleaning and/or resurfacing of jewellery made of precious metals that we sell. Includes removal of tarnish, scratches, lost patina or surface texturing, etc. Deep scratches may not be removable entirely; our team will assess upon receiving your item and inform accordingly.

  • Repair

    We know; things happen. Clasp breaks, prong snaps, rings deforms. We provide complimentary repairs for jewellery that we sell, as long as we can be sure they are due to reasonable use. Bring them back for an assessment nonetheless! Damaged/lost gemstones will incur additional cost to be replaced.

  • Buyback

    We know the high quality of our jewellery, and their value compared to the prices we sell them at. And we all need some additional liquidity at some point in our lives. Bring our jewellery back and we can give you an assessment of how much we can buy them back from you for.

Gem Identification and Grading

Ever thought what is that gemstone passed down in your family or purchased without a gemstone report? Thinking of selling your jewellery but was informed that you need a gemological report before they accept it? Learn more about our professional gemological services provided by our research, testing and education arm, GemRight.Org. Trusted by the industry, local and international alike!

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  • Customised Jewellery

    Cannot seem to find a contemporary design in the chain jewellery stores that you love? Book an appointment with us to share your ideas and let us bring it into life for you. We bring along years of experience in hand making jewellery that endures the test of time.

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  • Gemstone Sourcing

    You are a jewellery designer, gemstone investor/collector or just received your design from us. But where is that elusive gemstone? We built years of meaningful relationships with artisanal miners to support the local community while ensuring a wide supply of quality gemstones. Let us know the qualities you are looking for and we do the rest.

  • Jewellery Redesign

    Love those gemstones you have but hate the dated designs they are on? Book an appointment with us to have a discussion on possible designs and cost estimates to give your beloved jewels a new lease of life that you want to wear.

  • Gemstone Repolish/Recut

    95% of the coloured gemstones in the market suffers from bad cutting that compromises their full visual potential. Sellers try to maximise the yield from each rough stone to sell for more money, resulting in extinction of colours, or window that reduces internal reflections. Bring your gemstones to us and we can share how much better it will be.

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