Gemstone Identification

A unique boutique service for clients based in Singapore

Why do I need to identify my gemstones?

No idea what is this gemstone that I have...

Did your loved ones hand you some heirloom jewellery with unknown materials and gemstones? Or somehow an expensive-looking item landed in your lap? The only way for you to know its identity definitively is to send the item to a gemological laboratory for a qualified gemologist to test and validate its scientific properties and characteristics.

Without this, there are too many stones that are sparkly and colourless, red and transparent, etc, to identify gemstones and their associated values just by visual inspection.

I bought it at a steal!

"I bought a 1 carat natural diamond ring at just $2,000. What a steal!" Sounds familiar? It is also likely that the seller did not provide you with a gemstone report as well.

Most coloured gemstones have rough market-determined prices unless the sellers have deep experience in the gemstone trade. This is especially so for natural diamonds with industry-standardised price report by Rapaport. More often than not, buyers in such scenarios realise that they have been shortchanged one way or another without being informed before the purchase.

Getting the gemstone verified is your first step to protect your interest with the seller.

So expensive but no gemstone report

You made up your mind to splurge on an expensive piece of jewellery because it has been calling out to you day and night. Does it come with an accompanying gemstone report?

Most reputable jewellers will provide the option to have them gemstone verified before setting it into the jewellery. This is to give both buyer and seller the peace of mind as set gemstones are harder to verify definitively. So there is a certain level of red flag that you may have paid more than what it is worth, especially if you made the decision based on the seller's verbal information.

On the flip side, the seller may have shown/given you a gemstone report. That's great! It is better than having nothing at all. Just take note that there are thousands of "gemological laboratories" in the world and many of them can produce reports that their clients want to see, not what the gemstones really are... It may be worthwhile to check with us if your report is trustable.

I need to financial liquidity. Help!

The economy is slowing. Big Tech are retrenching. Crypto is failing. You need liquidity fast.

We get it: precious gemstones remain one of the most condensed form of wealth with steady growth in value. However, without a recognised gemstone report, buyers or auction houses are less likely buy your item, let alone offer you a satisfactory price. Getting it verified by a reputable, industry-recognised laboratory is your first step to get a good value appraisal.

Why do I need this service?

Undertake complicated processes

Sending your gemstones to a gemological laboratory for testing can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially if you need to send the gemstones to a reputable laboratory (which is usually located overseas).

For example, you will to create an account with laboratory and inform them that you intend to send gemstones of certain weight for testing. After the confirmation and setting up of payment methods, you will need to arrange for the courier and shipping insurance. Upon arrival, the laboratory will need specific instructions on what level of testing you need. After the testing, you need to arrange for the courier and shipping insurance again and make payments. Then you wait for the gemstone to return with the gemological report.

We want to assist by undertaking these processes and help you save time and head space. Less hassle, more assurances.

Incredibly technical

Many times, clients do not understand the gemological report that they purchased. While you can attempt to send your gemstones to a gemological laboratory yourself, chances are the same will happen to you as the terms used in any gemological report is filled with technical terms that may not make sense to those not in the industry.

This service includes time upon return of gemstone to you to explain the specifics of the report and where it stands in the grand scheme of things. We want to demystify the report to your advantage.

Next-steps advisory

If you just want a peace of mind about your past purchase, then there probably isn't going to be much for this step unless you have further questions.

However, if the report states something that is misaligned with what the seller promised, or that you wish to do something with the gemstone or jewellery thereafter, you probably will need a good amount of advice on what you can do next.

For example, we can provide advice on how you can approach your seller to seek recourse. In event you wish to liquidate your jewellery, we cna share the options for your consideration as well.

Archival records

Another common issue that clients encounter is that they lose the gemological report. This is especially difficult when the gemological laboratory does not have an online verification system.

With this service, we keep a copy of your report that is available for your retrieval as long as you can provide the right answers to authenticate yourself. We hope this provides yet another level of support for protecting you and your precious purchase.

OK, I need this. How do I get started and what is the process like?

1. First contact

Reach out to us via our contact form, email us at or DM us on Instagram @sundajewellery.

What we need to ascertain at this stage is your query and intended outcome so that we can recommend you the right service provider to go for. This can be done over email or DM without meeting in person.

2. Passing us the gemstones

Upon making the correct deposit, we will reach out to arrange for a mutually available date and time to meet up in-person so that we can inspect your gemstones and take over.

This is an important step to be conducted in-person to protect both parties. During the meet, we will weigh the gemstones and measure their specifications. We may also identify any unique inclusions and blemishes so that you can be assured that we are returning you the same gemstone at the end.

Besides this, we will also discuss the specific service that you will need and provide an estimate of the total cost. We will only proceed if you are agreeable to the estimated total costs.

This is an estimated cost as gemological laboratories may advise to not perform certain service if unable to do so or add certain service if the gemstone is extremely rare and or good qualities.

3. Progress update

We will provide key milestone update to your preferred contact method for a peace of mind.

These may include the start of the courier journey, receipt of gemstones by the gemological laboratory, completion of the gemological testing and receipt of the gemstones by us.

Upon receiving, we will reach out to arrange for a good date and time for us to hand you back your gemstones.

4. Consultation

Besides passing you back your verified gemstones, this is also the best time for us to explain the gemological report and those technical terms, and the next steps that you can pursue.

We will also require you to complete the remaining payment during this session.

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Why do you only have 3 gemological laboratory recommended? Do you get a commission from them?

We have put together 3 options to cover a wide range of intended outcomes that we have experienced over the years. These are regionally and internationally recognised and becoming a pre-requisite if you intend to sell privately or via auction houses.

Most established gemological laboratories do not provide commissions for us sending in gemstones. You are also free to choose the laboratory you prefer even if we have recommended otherwise.

Why can't Sunda Jewellery issue me the gemological report?

Yes but no.

We do have our in-house gemological expertise who checks all our gemstones and ensure they are what we want to purchase. Such expertise is the same as the gemologists in the laboratories, less the advanced tools used for definitive testing.

However, buyers in the market want to see testings by established and reputable gemological laboratories that can be used worldwide. This provide far greater value than just getting the accurate result that we can provide.

Nonetheless, we recognise that there is a significant segment of the market who just need to know the identity of their gemstones without intending to sell. We will be launching a new service for such customers in Singapore in second half of 2023. Please look out for it!

What if my gemstones are lost during the process?

That has never happened, though we acknowledge that it is always a possibility.

Hence, we do take the necessary measures possible to minimise such possibility. For example, gemstones sending to and fro will always be by courier service with parcel tracking. In our case, we have designated FedEx as our shipping vendor.

The relevant shipping insurance will also be included so that even if in the distant possibility that the gemstones are lost, there is some small amount of compensation by the shipping company.

Please note that in agreeing to this service, you will also release Sunda Jewellery Pte. Ltd. of its liability for any shipping-related losses.

What if I changed my mind on the option after I paid the deposit?

This is no issue as long as we have not informed the gemological laboratory and sent the gemstones out. We can have a discussion for us to hear your concerns and reconfirm your preference.

If we have either informed the laboratory and/or sent the gemstones out, we will be unable to make any changes. You can however decide if you want to purchase another gemological testing by the other laboratory when the first one is completed.